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Some Day My Cat Will Kill Me

So, I have this cat ...

Her name is Lexie, and she's a force to be reckoned with.

Here she is, lounging on my shoulder. I'm the one with the glasses.

Although she's not the only pet in our household, Lexie basically owns the upstairs where my studio is located. Most mornings, she is very vocal. She "meows" me to work. Literally. It's her way of saying "Get off your ass and get to work. Bring your coffee if you have to." It gets annoying. In this photo she is on sentry duty at the top of the stairs, making sure all of our other pets (another cat and three dogs) stay downstairs. Interestingly, Lexie is not the Alpha. But she can be pretty forceful in her own way.

At some point during the day she'll decide that I haven't given her enough attention. Here she is sitting on my project, daring me to continue ignoring her. Mind you, she walked on SHARDS OF GLASS to position herself here. That's determination. Oddly, she never gets cut. Now me, that's a different story.

When she's not sitting in the middle of my project, Lexie can otherwise be found napping in a spot of sunshine on the floor. Trouble is, she typically positions herself in the most direct path between my work table and my grinder. And depending on the piece I'm doing, I have to step over her almost constantly. So in truth, she is the ultimate workplace hazard. Don't be surprised to see the headline "Mosaic Artist Trips Over Cat, Bleeds to Death from Surrounding Glass Shards."

Lexie will, of course, survive the carnage.

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